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The following are vignettes, just a small part of each individual story that make up the book Entre querés y quisieras (Between Wishing and Needing*). The protagonists are children and adolescents like anywhere, but who share the common challenge of pre-teen and teen pregnancy. Use the green arrows to scroll through each chapter.

The first edition of the book was published with support from the UN Population Fund, but is not currently available for purchase. We are working our hardest to get a new edition available as soon as we can. In the meantime, we'd love to know your thoughts and ideas on the topic. Please join us at our blog site and participate in an open-ended discussion. The first edition was only in Spanish and this second edition will have both a Spanish and an English version.

The book is designed to promote discussion and exchange, to be a catalyst for change. Educational discussion cards have been developed as accompanying teaching materials. The cards come directly from the books with photos and stories to help promote group participation.

We hope to use the website to create linkages with organizations, groups and programs (government and NGO) that are working with the themes found in the book. If you're interested in pre-ordering copies of the book or educational package, please click here.

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Design of book by Bree Hankinson and Nancy Morales. Web design by Bree Hankinson
English translation by Jill Clark-Gollub. Edited by Michaele Cozzi.

* Provisional English title, but it literally means between what you want or need and what you wish you could have with a twinge of not being possible.